Online reviews lift sales by 58% while giving valuable feedback from customers

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Being a small player in a market that resells high-value goods you need to build trust. Express Watches, an authorized Seiko watch dealer that ships to over 23 countries, realised that trust is a key element.

How can buyers be sure that the watches are not replicas, when they don't get a chance to see and hold the high-quality watch they are about to buy?    


Christopher Andrews, Managing Director, knows the importance of trust in online shopping, which was one of the reasons why Express Watches chose to use Trustpilot actively:


"The element of trust is hugely important to us. There are lots of larger e-commerce sites that people are more familiar with, so for us being less known in the market, the trust element is the difference between a sale and someone clicking away from the website",

Christopher relates.

Collecting reviews is like talking to customers

Express Watches constantly collects reviews by using Trustpilot's Automatic Feedback Service to ask all their customers for feedback. A few days after their purchase the customer gets an email inviting him to write a review on Trustpilot.


So far around 300 customers have decided to do so - the vast majority has been happy with the service they received from Express Watches. Christopher talks about what the feedback means to his business:


"Being - initially - a physical shop, we were obviously talking to customers face-to-face on a daily basis, so we found it a little more difficult to diversify online, because there was no human interaction. The great advantage with Trustpilot and the rating process is that we can find out what we do correctly and what we can maybe improve on".


A/B split test result: 58% increase in sales

By collecting reviews and showing them on their website, Express socially proves that their service is good and their products are real. To quantify how much independent customer reviews would impact sales, they setup an A/B split test. The hypothesis was that a larger TrustBox would help reduce buyer anxieties among visitors and increase sales from the site.

Christopher_Andrews_Express_WatchesQuote by
Christopher Andrews
Managing Director, Express Watches
"We had some quite incredible results when we started using Trustpilot on our site. Through A/B split testing we realized that installing the TrustBox on the site improved sales by 58%"  

Christopher explains.


Learn more about how Express Watches increased sales by 58% in this video


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