Fashion chain gets real customer feedback while boosting conversion rates

SOLO Concept

If you're in search of general feedback for your website you have multiple options. You can use user surveys for example. But what do you do when you only want feedback from the people who matter to you the most - your customers?

Looking for customer feedback


The Danish fashion chain Solo, which consists of 30 stores and a well-run online shop, faced this challenge of getting feedback exclusively from customers. At the same time they wanted to improve conversion rates in their online shop. In particular, the step from shopping basket to login was identified as a step in the sales funnel that needed improvements.


Collecting feedback on the go with minimal effort


Solo works closely with their agency, Loyalitetsbureauet, on all aspects of their website and customer loyalty programs. Together they decided to implement Trustpilot to collect reviews and display customer satisfaction levels on


Nikolaj Landrock SoloQuote by
Nikolaj Landrock
Loyalitetsbureauet/SOLO Concept
"There really is no option other than Trustpilot, if you want to source the feedback from customers exclusively"  


says Nikolaj Landrock from Loyalitetsbureauet whilst outlining that the entire process from signing up as a customer to implementing the solution was seamless. However, they needed to do some initial work on their website before collecting customer feedback on the go.


Multi-variable split test showed improved conversion rates


"Not only did we want the widgets displaying customer feedback to match the look-and-feel of, we also wanted to improve business results. So we customized the widgets and did a multi-variable split test to measure exactly how much, and where Trustpilot could improve conversion rates in the online shop,"


Nikolaj explains. 


The split test included measurement of four metrics, and two of them in particular showed significant results. Displaying customer feedback in the left column of their online shop has contributed to a +11 % increase in sales conversions. And both Solo and Loyalitetsbureauet were particularly happy to see the Achilles heel in their sales funnel, namely the step from shopping basket to login, improve by almost 9% in the Trustpilot version.


Gained ROI in less than one month


For Solo, signing up with Trustpilot turned out to be an even better business case than expected. Nikolaj explains why:


"Our approach is data-driven, so anything that helps improve conversions and profitability is considered good. With Trustpilot we solved the main challenge of sourcing customer feedback and improved conversions too. That means that we gained ROI in less than one month after signing up."


Today Solo collects around 20 reviews per week and their satisfied customers reward their level of service with a TrustScore of 9.0. Nikolaj personally monitors inbound customer reviews. It increases the focus on customer service in the organisation, but takes less than ten minutes a day to deal with the reviews on Trustpilot.




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