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The beauty of Trustpilot is that I can respond to any review. I know who the customer is; I can dig into the details, see why the customer is complaining and sort things out – even if the fault is not caused by us. By answering customer reviews in public, we demonstrate that we care about our customers. When it comes to customer credibility a quick and helpful answer to a complaint can be even more powerful than getting all 5-star ratings.written byCharlo CarabottManaging Director, Mazuma Mobile
In general terms, Trustpilot is a tool for analytics and customer service. We are getting responses from customers and we can see if new projects work out the way they were intended. In our case – and in telecom overall – it is less important whether customer reviews help improve website conversion rates. What matters to us is avoiding customer churn, and that can only be done using strong tools to collect feedback from customers. All kinds of feedback are importantwritten byAnthony LimSales- and Marketing Director, Call me
Using Trustpilot ensures you stay on your toes and give the best service, knowing you will be commended or criticised openly on the Trustpilot platform to your future customers, using the direct link from our website homepage. I love the fact we can respond to any bad reviews and can turn around the customer’s poor impression by explaining what may have gone wrong, and then the customer can rewrite their review based on how you handle their comments. Trustpilot has been a great addition and valuable investment to our website and proves to customers that the reviews are genuine and not self-penned.written byAlex RamsayManaging Director, Geyser

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