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Learn more about the true value of customer reviews in our handy eGuides.




Turning Complaints Into Customers

Turning Complaints into Customers

Turn negative feedback to your advantage, and increase trust in your brand. Find out how in this handy eGuide.


7 Myths About Online Reviews... Busted!

7 Myths About Online Reviews... Busted!

There are many misconceptions about online reviews. In this eGuide we are taking a closer look at 7 of the most common myths out there.




Trustonomics - The True Value of Online Reviews

Trustonomics - The True Value of Online Reviews

Discover why online reviews are the key to developing trust and giving consumers the value they deserve.


Top 5 Questions When Choosing Your Online Review Platform

Top 5 Questions when Choosing Your Online Review Platform

How to ask the right questions, chase perfection and eliminate risk when choosing an online review platform.






 Tools & Tips: It's All About Results


Calculate your potential online sales increase and browse through our best practices for widget implementation & review invitation.




Resources - Sales increase calculator

Calculate Sales Increase

Time and time again, our clients' A/B split tests show an increase in conversion rate, ranging from 7.5% to 60%. Calculate your potential sales increase!



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Integration Examples

The Trustpilot widget can be found across the web on our customers' websites. Take a look at these integration best practices to get ideas for your website.


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Review Invitation Best Practices

Inviting your customers to write a review about you on Trustpilot may be easy, but creating an effective email invitation can be tricky. We'll show you how.


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